You, Me, &

Afternoon Tea

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Hi, I’m Ms. Nika B

If we do what we’ve always done, then we’ll probably keep having all the same bullshit-- excuse me, I should say ‘things’-- we’ll probably keep having all the same things that we’ve always had. Listen ladies, it’s time for a change. It’s time for You, Me and Afternoon Tea. I’m Tanika Barber, affectionately known as Ms. Nika B. and I’ll be your host and maybe even your therapist, during tea time. I’ll help guide you to unpack some things while we sip this Afternoon Tea; but ultimately it’s up to you and either you’ll do the work or you won’t. Either way, I’ll be here with you on your journey to discovering your best organic self. Achieving the best you can be is as simple as indulging in a cup of ‘You, Me and Afternoon Tea’.

Just to be clear, Ms. Nika B is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and received a Masters in Social Work from the University at Buffalo and will get you together in a New York minute!

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