There's plenty of good reasons to keep your home stocked with candles—namely, they fill the air with a sweet, relaxing scent, create a zen environment to help you unwind at the end of a long day, and can set a romantic mood. 

So you ask, what exactly is a massage candle? It's just like any other votive, but it's specially formulated with soy wax that won't harm your skin upon direct contact, because soy melts at a comfortable temperature and isn't an irritant (provided you don’t have a soy allergy).

To use massage candles safely—and without hurting yourself or your partner—Begin by burning your candle for about 30 minutes so that there's an adequate puddle of melted wax on the top. Then, blow out the flame, let cool slightly (you want it to be liquid and warm, but not scorching hot), and pour onto skin prior to the massage. 

Enjoy your’ll thank me later! 


This superbly performing, proprietary container wax is a blend of renewably sourced beeswax, coconut, soy, and palm waxes. Toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free, gluten free, + ethically sourced. 

Bright + floral, like a bouquet of roses with hints of morning dew. Contains Essential Oils of Citrus + Bergamot

Touch Me Here Massage Oil Candle

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